• Demos & Agent Reference Designs

    Here are a few frontend apps (we❤️streamlit.io) to demonstrate applications of our Agents-as-a-Service API.


    If an application suits you, you can fork the whole App or the Arch of the Agent to customize around your data model.


    All the code below is open source and available at our Archs repo with documentation available.



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    4 neurons: 3-to-1 channels <> 3-1 input-output neurons

    Hello, World: a Basic Clam AGI

    Our "Hello, World!" A 4 neuron system you can trained with only input-side information to demonstrate our approach to AI.


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    40 neurons: 3-to-1 <> 30-10

    Netbox Device Discovery: context-aware autocomplete for relational data

    Hitting 85%+ accuracy on perdicting roles of new devices given as little as 70 examples of previous devices.


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    788 neurons: 1-to-1 <> 784-4

    v0.1.0 MNIST Benchmark

    Useful to get a feel for how the connections between neurons changes performance. Currently a script in our repo; demo app coming soon.


  • Arch Repo, Guides, & Tools